My home-based business is known as "Trusham's Millinery"...but don't let the name fool you because I do a lot more than just hats!

From Wikipedia - "Historically, milliners, typically female shopkeepers, produced or imported an inventory of garments for men, women, and children, including hats, shirts, cloaks, shifts, caps, neckerchiefs, and undergarments, and sold these garments in their millinery shop."

'Trusham' (pronounced Troo-shum) is a play on my long time nickname, 'Trufriend', which in turn is a play on my family crest motto ("Constant and True")!  Confused yet? LOL

It just made sense to me to choose this career path, based on my love of sewing over the last 40+ years, a definite need for this in the re-enacting and special interest groups and my passion for having fun while learning history and creating a level of fantasy through re-enacting and role playing. But first and foremost I am a very proud mother of one wonderful son, Brian, who is 31!  

I have been sewing most of my life as a hobby. It always amazed my home-ec teachers that I never looked at the instructions for any patterns we did in class, yet my finished garments were usually better then most of the other girls, although it made it difficult for my teachers to grade me on 'following instruction'. lol Sorry fellas, but when I was in school, we were divided (girls in home-ec, boys in machine shop).

People learn pretty quick that I have few expectations other then respect and honesty, and I unconditionally accept and respect people for their differences because we all have them!  I've dabbled in all sorts of crafts through the years and seem to have settled on sewing, needlework/bead work and a little bit of scrapbooking now and then.

My favourite periods in fashion and design are Victorian (specifically 1870-1895) and the Arts & Crafts Movement. I was also involved in Civil War re-enacting for about 12 years, learning more about the American Civil War through the re-enacting then all the textbooks in school!

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